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 Asura Build

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Localización : Tuluá,Colombia
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MensajeTema: Asura Build   Miér Ago 20, 2008 9:51 pm

255 + ?? STR <~ STR mainly adds damage to the Asura skills which is most important.

1 AGI <~ They use instant skills to kill so, AGI is not required yet if you're a Combo type Champion.

Around 140 VIT <~ Champions may have Low HP because of using a Lady Tanee Card. So,VIT is an optional stat for them.

170 + ?? INT <~ Asura damage is also increase as your SP goes up. In short, the higher the damage and your SP, the stronger the Asura is.

130 + ?? DEX <~ This is the Second most important. Without too much DEX, Asura will be casted too slow. In result, the enemy will know down you first before you do. So Champs need high DEX.

Note: As much as possible end your stats in a multiple of zero, e.g. 260, 270. So try to make your extra attributes on your STR end up in a multiple of 5 e.g. 15, 45. So you can max your STR to 255.

Asura build champions are oftenly the best in gameplay. However, they can be easily countered with Anti-Ghost property cards like Ghostring card and Anti-Neutral property cards like Deviling Card and Raydric Card.

[editar] Equips
Weapon: +10 Waghnak/Mace w/ 2 Turtle General Cards, 1 Skeleton Worker Card & 1 Hydra Card or 2 Turtle General & 2 Hydra cards. For those wearing Ghostring use 3 Stormy Knight card and 1 Doppleganger card (To freeze them so that their armor would be water)

Armor: Valkyrie Armor/Mink Coat w/ Tao Gunka & another one with Ghostring, Mantle with evil druid (to be anti-enchant poison and anti-freeze be sure to change when the enemy uses Holy Light, Grand Cross or any Holy type attacks) mantle with angeling to reduce damage from all elements except neutral and receive 0% damage from holy property.

Footgear: There are 3 Choices, +9 Shoes w/ Antique Fireclock, Shoes with Sohee card or Shoes w/ Lady Tanee Card

Note: Lady Tanee card is for the maximum damage for your Asura cause it increases your SP by 50%, but be careful because it reduces your HP by 50%. Thus, you have high SP but low on HP so I suggest use Tao Gunka card when equipped with Lady Tanee card. That's why you need a lot of VIT if you're gonna use a Lady Tanee Card. Antique Fireclock increases STR by 2 and adds 10% to HP and SP. So, not that high HP and SP and an additional of 2 for your STR. If +9 shoes are to expensive for you just use shoes with Sohee card it's more affordable.

OR, if you have a Valkyrie Shoes, which is the best because it adds HP based on your Job Level. So Lady Tanee Card won't take too much HP from you.

Garments: Muffler w/ Aliot Card ; Another Muffler w/ Deviling Card. Muffler w/ Raydric card

Shield: Valkyrie Shield is the best one for this. Because many stalkers wear Gargoyle Wings which Stone Curses an enemy player ; Stone Buckler w/ Thara Frog Card (reduce 30% damage from demi-humans, Golden Thief Bug Card(90% reduce damage from magic attacks)

Accessories: Ring/Nile Rose w/ 2 Mantis Cards ; 1 Mantis Card & Mantis Card or wikibine tres (when using the wepon with 3 Stormy Knight card and Doppelganger card.)

Headgear: Upper- poor: Headprotector of Fire, semi-rich= alice doll & +4 or +0 Hokage [0], rich= VH[1] and Hokage [1] Cards- Note: 2 Gemini-S58 (100% anti stone curse, *Not needed if you have Valkyrie Shield) or 1 Orc Hero (anti stun) 1 Evil Snake Lord (anti curse)

Note: Champions maybe the best job in-game. But without proper Strategy, it can't be the best.
Increase Defense first before Attack. Because for Champions, "A Great Defense is a Great Offense". In addition you should develop your reflexes for you to improve your agility in pressing Blade Stop and Pneuma.
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Asura Build
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