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 Hybrid Champion Build

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MensajeTema: Hybrid Champion Build   Miér Ago 20, 2008 9:52 pm

[editar] Stat Points
Here, you will look over the stat points:

STR > 245+?? ( Power for Asura Strike and attack damage )

AGI > 109+?? ( Adds necessary flee rate. Consider using a Doppelganger Card in your weapon )

VIT > 150+?? ( Stick with a Ghostring Card, Tao Gunka Card isn't necessary )

INT > 120+?? ( Additional Asura Strike power )

DEX > 130+?? ( Adding your main buffs/ or Berzebub Card ), Blessing and Increase Agility, adds to instant casting )

The 130+?? dex is for non-Valkyrie players. For Valkyrie users, user's DEX is defined ( this would be 114+?? + DW ).
LUK > 7+?? ( Left over stats, otherwise, work the left over stats to be placed in else where )

If anything else, let's move on to the needed equipment to make this build usable, as I mentioned through the introduction.

[editar] Equipment
In this part of the build's guide, we'll be looking over the parts of the equipment, with their cards (*Note: Most equips need another of the same kind, for the VS. other class advantages) (one other thing to mention that the Gamemasters NEVER understood of this format, the way I set up the equipment > <Armor>[1]>#1 for example, meant that it could be any equipment, either it's for poor, sort-of-rich, and even rich. For the Class VS. Class section, it does need a bit of changing, but what do the Gamemasters take me for? I can't know everything at once like they do (haha, sarcasm, they need new GM's). Most players on DarkRO know what I'm talking about already! Anyway, continuing this section:


<Armor[1]>#1 - Ghostring Card (Provides Demi-Human damage reduction)

<Armor[1]>#2 - Marc Card (Provides immunity to Freeze. *Note: if you already obtain a Valkyrie Armor, you won't need the Marc card.)


<Robe Equip[1]>#1 - Raydric Card(Damage reduction towards Demi-Humans)

<Robe Equip[1]>#2 - Deviling Card (The better card for Asura Strike reductions from other Champions)

Left Arm (Shield)

<Shield Equip[1]>#1 - Golden Thief Bug Card (Anti-Magic towards High Wizard/Professor)

<Shield Equip[1]>#2 - Maya Card (Reflection to magic against Professors)

<Shield Equip[1]>#3 - Thara Frog Card (Damage Reduction against Demi-Humans)

Right Arm (Weapon)

Mace[4]#1 - Thanatos Card/Turtle General Card/Marina Card, Turtle General Card, Doppelganger Card, Hydra Card (This combo is used towards Anti-Asura equiped classes. If you don't have a Thanatos Card, just use a Marina Card/Turtle General card instead. Remember, people with Valkyrie equipment cannot be frozen, so maybe stick with the Turtle General card)

Mace[4]#2 - Turtle General Card x2, Hydra Card , Skeleton Worker Card (As I figured, using two Hydras doesn't stack the effect of the percentage ~> Demi-Human monsters, but only by a bit, which isn't much you'd want to expect from it. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about)


<Any Shoes Equip[1]> - Moonlight Flower Card (To catch up to your opponents w/out the cloaking skill)

If you know any other card that you find more useful, put that in instead of what I recommend.

Accessory ( Both accessory items are equiped

<Accessory[1]>#1 - Mantis Card (+3 STR)/Assassin Cross Card (This card is optional, and is also used for most Anti-Asura classes, if you already have it)

<Accessory[1]>#2 - Mantis Card (+3 STR)

Head Equipment

<Headgear[1]>#1(Top) - Evil Snake Lord Card (Reduction of the Curse effect)/Orc Hero Card(Reduction of the Stun effect/Gemini-S58 Card (Reduction of the Stone Curse effect)

<Headgear[1]>#2(Mid) - Evil Snake Lord Card (Reduction of the Curse effect)/Orc Hero Card(Reduction of the Stun effect/Gemini-S58 Card (Reduction of the Stone Curse effect)

I believe this should cover the equipment. Now, we can discuss the advantages/disadvantages of the VS. other classes.
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Hybrid Champion Build
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