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 Crit Lord Knight

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Cantidad de envíos : 27
Edad : 27
Localización : Tuluá,Colombia
Fecha de inscripción : 03/04/2008

MensajeTema: Crit Lord Knight   Miér Ago 20, 2008 9:11 pm


STR: 245-255 (Base STR and Bonus STR has to have a total that is divisible by 10.)
AGI: Until it reach a 199 ASPD
VIT: Remaining Points
INT: 1
DEX: 1
LUK: Up to 55 critical rate


Weapon Cards
Doppelganger Card: recomended for Crit Type builds so they wont waste their stats on AGI.
The Paper Card: Very useful to all Crit LK becuause it can increase your crit damage by 20%..but You sp decreases by 1 by each attack.
Mobster Card: Use it to preseve sp because The Paper Card reduces 1 sp each attack but Mobster Card doesn't decrease even 1 sp but it only increases 15% less than 5% when using The Paper card but it Saves SP. Phreeoni Card: it saves your stats from adding into DEX.
Hydra Card: deals 20% more damage to demi-human.
Turtle General Card: ATK+20%.
Thanatos Card: use this card to kill Pally's, remember.. Pally's have high VIT because of their Sacrifice Skill..
Assassin Cross Card: Enchant Deadly Poison + Head Crush = GG
Whitesmith Card: enchant maximun over trush and it impedes that they steal him the weapons, also has a small probability of breaking weapon and the opponent's armor

Alice Doll: this headgear is very useful for LK's. it is [1], and maximize your damage. go for this headgear instead of HP of Fire.
Valkyrie Helm:VH reduce's damage, gives DEX and STR bonus. highly recomended for Dex TYpe LK's.
Dark Valkyrie Helm: Increase your Atk and gives +15 all stat
Travelers Hat: The best headgear for Crit Type LK's. Gives you additional + on crit rate, agility and luck. remember.. more LUK = more Crit and PD.

Headgear Cards
Gemini-S58 Card: use this card against those players with Gargoyle Wings so they cannot turn you into Stone.
Orc Hero Card: it gives you immunity to Stun and gives VIT. it raises your HP which is good for LK's.

Dragon Wings: this wings are the most expensive wings in darkRO but Dex Type Lk's nor Crit Type Lk's dont need them. why? it only gives 10% damage on demi human and +5 to all stats. just use Demon Wings for max damage or just go for the Gargoyle Wings to stone your enemy.
Super Dragon Wings: .............

Mink Coat
Chain Mail
Plate Armor
Valkyrie Armor: this armor is the best armor in ArkanyRO. resistance against freeze so you won't freeze on those wizards spamming Storm Gust, players wearing Garm Card.

Armor Cards
Tao Gunka Card: best armor card for Dex type LK's and Crit Type LK's.
Ghostring Card: use this card to avoid getting killed by Asura Strike and Sacrifice. it greatly reduces neutral attacks.
Angeling Card: use this when Pally's are spamming Grand Cross to you.
Evil Druid Card: if you see an Assassins cross using Enchant Poison, use this so that their attack would miss on you.


Valkyrie Manteau:gives you reflect which is very useful against melee combat.

Garment Cards
Aliot Card: Gives you more HP. recomended for Dex Type Lk's
Deviling Card: wear this if there are champs around to avoid being killed by Asura Strike. deviling drops your resistance on all elements so dont use them against other classes. just wear them when your facing champion.
Raydric Card: this card is recomended for both crit type and Dex type Lord Knights. reduces neutral enemy damage.
Giant Whisper Card: Flee Rate + 10
[Base Strength >= 80]
ATK + 20
[Base Vitality >= 80]
Maximum HP + 3%
[Base Lucky >= 80]
Critical Rate + 3

Valkyrie Shoes
: it increases your movement speed, adds more SP. i recomend this Shoes instead of Sleipnir. Why? it is [1], so you can put your Amon Ra Card. Parrying + Kyrie Eleison is perfect defense.

Shoe Cards
Amon Ra Card: Best card for LK's, with Parrying its imposible to hit LK's.
Firelock Soldier Card: for more damage and more HP.
Fallen Bishop Hibram Card: MATK + 10%, Maximum SP - 50%
Increases damage inflicted on Demihuman and Angel monster by 50%.

Ring:gives +1 to STR
Glove: gives +1 to DEX
Rosary: gives +1 LUK
Cursed Brooch: gives you more critical rate. good for Crit type Lord Knight's.
Nile Rose: gives +5 to all stats
Megingjard: Gives STR + 40, MDEF + 7

Accessory Cards
Mantis Card: STR+3
High Priest Card: imagine your LK.. Parrying+Kyrie Eleison+Safety Wall nobody can penetrate on your defense.
Owl Duke Card: for both Crit and dex type builds.
Ifrit Card: Increase ATK, Critical Rate, and HIT every 10 Job Level.
Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 2 Earthquake on the user when the user receives Physical Damage.
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Crit Lord Knight
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