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Cantidad de envíos : 27
Edad : 27
Localización : Tuluá,Colombia
Fecha de inscripción : 03/04/2008

MensajeTema: Defender/Healer/Support   Miér Ago 20, 2008 9:50 pm

(They depend on your items and so if you want a HIGHER of that stat,equip the necessary item)

1 STR <~ It is not required because you will be using skills/spells for support. Increases Weight at the same time.

1 AGI <~ Not that important of you're not a battle type priest.

200 + ?? VIT <~ Required for Tanking damages and Improving Defense against attacks.

255 + ?? INT <~ This is the most important Stat you must put first. It increases MATK and SP as well as increasing your rate of Healing skills.

120 + ?? DEX <~ This must have 150 in order to have a no-casting time spells(including for Wizards).

1 LUK <~ Not that important of you're not a battle type priest.

Ideal Equips
Weapon: Icarus Staff[3] w/ 3 Margaretha Solin cards, Rod[4] w/ 4 Margaretha Solin Card

Armor: Valkyrie Armor/Mink Coat w/ Tao Gunka <~Much needed because a High Priest needs High HP to take damages.

Shoes: Sleipnir / +?Shoes w/ Amon Ra Card, Dark Lord Card, Moonlight Flower Card

Headgears: Headprotector of Water w/ Leaf Cat Card, Maya Purple Card, Orc Hero Card ; Blinker/Dark Blinker w/ Mistress Card

Wings: Arctic Wing, Gargoyle Wing or Phoenix Wing

Accessories: 2 Earrings w/ Berzebub Card, Spore Card

Left Hand: Stone Buckler w/ Golden Thief Bug Card, Thara Frog Card

Garment: Muffler w/ Raydric Card, Deviling Card, Aliot Card, Myst Card, Marse Card
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