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 Force Paladin Builds

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MensajeTema: Force Paladin Builds   Miér Ago 20, 2008 9:38 pm

Basic Force Paladin Build

STR: 255

AGI: 70-100

VIT: 200-220

INT: 1

DEX: 100-120

LUK: 1
This build is used mostly to emp break. Leveling with it is also possible in low levels. Try using it in gld_dun04 or ra_san04. Remember you must have a Doppel in your weapon before thinking in using this build.

GC/Sacrifice type Paladin build
Firstly, always remember that Atk DOES NOT affect the damage of your Sacrifice. So don't even think of maxing it out Str because that would be stupid.

Secondly, DO NOT use a Turtle General card!!

Here are the stats for a Sac/GC Paladin:

these are my pally's stats so don't delimit yourself in this! You can experiment! Anyway, stat points are flexible here in Force!!! (meaning the reset girl..)

STR- about 20sumthing (so you could carry pots and stuff..)

VIT- make it end in 0 such as 260,270,etc...(this is the most important stat of your paladin!)

INT-your not just a Sac type, you are also a GC type so i suggest putting around 230 points
in this stat...the greater the int, the higher the MAtk. The higher the MAtk, the greater the GC damage

DEX- put around 150 here so you will have faster casting for your GC

AGI-do not put anything here (for you will be using a Doppel Card!)

LUK-pretty useless..

Now, for the equips:

UPPER HEAD- i suggest using an Alice Doll with ESL card* or if your rich, go for a V Helm..same card..

MIDDLE HEAD- dark blinder would be the most preferrable..compound this with an Orc Hero card* more pesky stun for you!!!

LOWER HEAD-either phoenix wings or dragon wings...i prefer the latter for it intensifies the effect of Alice Doll...but choose according to your liking...
since we would be using a V don't need a Gemini S58 card..

ARMOR-any armor with Tao Gunka card or you could use a V Armor with the same card...if you want your GC to miss you bring an extra armor with Angeling card..

GARMENT-any garment with Raydric card or a V Manteau with Aliot card...

FOOTGEAR-boots with Green Ferus card* or a V Shoes same card or even better, a Sleipnir!
i do not like compounding an Amon Ra card here because it interrupts the rapid succession of GC and Sacrifice...our aim here is to kill your enemy as fast as we can...but again it is your choice...

WEAPON- bring 2 pikes..
1st pike-with 2 hydra cards, 1 skel worker card and 1 doppelganger card 2nd pike- with 3 stormy knight cards* and 1 doppelganger card

there is a chance that while using Sacrifice your enemy will freeze..when he or she freezes..time to say goodbye..^_^

SHIELD- bring three Stone Bucklers with the following cards: 1 GTB card, 1 Thara Frog card and 1 maya card...of you are rich u can purchase at least 1 V Shield and put your Thara Frog card there...

ACCESSORIES- 2 nile roses would be the most preferred but if you do not have can use 2 clips with a Wikibine Tres card on one, and a Smokie card on the other..
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Force Paladin Builds
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