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 Dagger or Bow Stalker

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Cantidad de envíos : 27
Edad : 27
Localización : Tuluá,Colombia
Fecha de inscripción : 03/04/2008

MensajeTema: Dagger or Bow Stalker   Miér Ago 20, 2008 9:33 pm


+0 Valkyrie Helm[1] - Gemini Card
Blinker[1] - Gemini Card
White Butterfly Wings/Icarus Wings
+0 Valkyrie Armor[1] - Tao Gunka Card
+4/+5 Valkyrie Manteau[1] - Whisper Card
+0 Valkyrie Shoes[1] - Green Ferus Card
Nile[1] - Owl Duke Card
Nile[1] - Wikebine Tres Card

Dagger Weapons:

+10 Main Gauche - Turtle Generalx2; Hydrax1;Phreeonix1;(This is your Main weapon for Dagger types)

Others are Optional.
+10 Main Gauche - Phreeoni Cardx2; Metalingx1;
+0/+10 Fortune Sword - ;(+20 PD is helpful for Sinx and some situation)
Sword Breaker - Use this in some situations that you really need to remove his weapon.
Mail Breaker - Use this in some situations that you really need to remove his armor.


+0/+4 Guard[1] - Thara Frog Card (Use this as your Main Shield)
+0/+4 Guard[1] - Maya Card (For Ninja and Professors)
+0/+4 Guard[1] - Golden Thief Bug Card (For High Wizards)

Bow Weapons:

+10 Icarus Bow[3] - Turtle Generalx2; Hydrax1; (This is your Main weapon for Bow types)
+10 Composite Bow[4] - Stormy Knightx2; Lord Of Deathx1; Garm Babyx1;SK and Garm for Frost..Lod random Status..Mainly for people who doesn't have Valkyrie armor or Unfrozen.
+10 Composite Bow[4] - Thanatos Cardx1; Turtle Generalx2; Hydrax1;(Switch this weapon for Paladins, Lord Knight especially who have High Vit)
How come this are Equips and Cards should I use?
Gemini Card

This card prevents you from Stone Curse, that's why I use 2 cards 50%+50%=100%
Tao Gunka Card

Doubles your Hp but Def -50 and MDEF - 50.. Thats why even you upgrade your items it wont affect.except on Valkyrie Manteau.
Whisper Card

Added Flee.
Green Ferus Card

Vit+1, Max Hp + 10%.. Amonra Still not useful here remember you have no int.
Owl Duke Card

Chance of auto casting Imposito Manus that would add str which really helpful when your attacking someone.
Wikebine Tres Card

For auto Armor Strip.

*Note: Stat Bonus is not included.
STR: 180-190 = Your a Dagger and for Weighing purpose.
VIT: x = Put the rest stats here. Depends on but 160k-170k Hp with Tao Gunka Card would be better.
INT: x = You dont need this status. Amon Ra Card is just back up for people has 2 Phreeoni Cards.
DEX: 180-190 = Higher Hit and Higher strip rate.
LUK: x = Put some here if you want but put first on Dex, Vit, AGI and Str before this.
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Dagger or Bow Stalker
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